If you do not agree with Q-Park's parking fine (if you believe you have indeed made proper payment, or have not violated the parking rules) and don´t think it is right that you should have to pay the fine, you have to file a complaint.


Your complaint needs to be in written form. You are welcome to send it to us by filling in this webform.

Images or other material that verifies your complaint can be enclosed. 


If you wish to send the complaint by letter, please send it to the following address;


Q-Park AB

P.O. Box 1804

SE-751 48 Uppsala



F: +46 18 431 03 01


If you wish to contact us by phone, please call; 


T: +46 771 96 90 02

Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9 - 12 am

Please note that you cannot file a complaint over the telephone.



Thank you!



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