q-parks guide to parking

Street parking

Q-Park monitors both private property and public street zones. In cases where we monitor public street zones, this is on behalf of the local municipality.   

Public street zones

Parking in a public street zone in most cases means that your car is left in one of the municipality’s streets. The following places count as public street zones:

public places
publicly owned land
generally, all streets and public squares. 
Alternate-side parking applies in public street zones. Alternate-side parking means that parking is prohibited on the side of the street with: 

Even house numbers on even dates.
Odd house numbers on odd dates.

Private land

Parking on private land means, for example, that you park on land owned by a property owner or at a parking facility. The following places count as private land:

privately owned property
privately owned land
multi-storey car parks
parking garages
generally demarcated parking areas.
Entrances to private land will be signposted with a sign that provides information about the business owner, for example: Q-Park AB 0771-96 90 00 if it is Q-Park that is responsible for monitoring the area.

An English version is soon available. 

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